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Every vehicle sold at JEMEC comes with a two year warranty - at least.

Cars and vans do go wrong sometimes, unfortunately. With thousands of parts, complicated electrics and sophisticated systems, it is a common - and sometimes very stressful - part of owning a vehicle.

However, at JEMEC, we want to make sure that our customers have complete peace of mind that if anything does go wrong - it will be very easy to put it right. Therefore all our cars come with at least a two year warranty, made up of either:

  • a two year comprehensive JEMEC warranty
  • a two year warranty including the balance of the manufacturer's warranty plus a top-up JEMEC warranty
  • the remaining manufacturer warranty which is at least two years

Our JEMEC warranties are provided by Warrantywise, one of the leading warranty providers in the UK. Under this scheme, you are able to use any GST-registered garage to carry out the work on your vehicle.

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