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Selling Your Vehicle

If you want to sell your vehicle, or another dealer has offered you a low value for your part exchange, then we might be able to buy it.

If we buy your vehicle, we will transfer the funds to you on the same day.  We tend to only buy vehicles which are less than three years old and have covered fewer than 30,000 miles - unless, of course, it's something special and then we can be a bit more broad minded!

If you're tempted to try to sell it yourself first, either online or with another dealer, this may make the car unsuitable for us . We will only be able to offer you a trade value which may be lower than you are expecting.

Commission & Sale-or-Return 

Occasionally, if your vehicle is worth over £75,000, or is a classic or specialist vehicle, we may agree to sell it on a commission or sale-or-return basis. We'll only sell cars which we believe offer our customers great value for money so if you're looking for a cheeky, speculative price on your car - JEMEC probably isn't for you. The retail price, how long we will retail it for, and our commission will be agreed in advance. 

Your vehicle will need to be prepared to JEMEC showroom standards. We can provide a quote but you can have this work carried out elsewhere if you prefer, providing it is to the same high standards.

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Unfortunately, due to our strict COVID-19 preparations, we are not able to offer online bookings for test-drives at the moment.

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