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Vehicle Sourcing

Approximately half the cars we sell are sourced to order to meet a customer's specific requirements.  We take all the stress out of importing a car to Jersey and we're not just talking supercars here - we can find family cars, commercial vehicles, motorhomes, caravan, first cars and even midlife-crisis cars to suit every budget. 

Whether it's a brand new or nearly new vehicle, many people find that they save a huge amount of money compared to ordering a new car of their choice from a main dealer. Plus, they avoid that nasty first hit of new-car depreciation.

Some of our customers know exactly what they are looking for. Others only know what they need... a tight budget, a certain amount of seats, bits of specification that they can't live without, colours they can't live with... and we suggest cars which might do the job.

Either way, we can help you find your perfect car - from a car you've been dreaming about since you were a child to a commercial vehicle which you need for work.

The tried and tested process is a quick, easy, straight-forward and stress-free or sourcing and vehicle and importing it into Jersey. It costs nothing to talk to us and there is no obligation until you pay a deposit.

Relax and enjoy the process

  • Talk to us about the vehicle - or type of vehicle - you want 
  • We'll find one or more vehicles to suit your specification and budget
  • If you decide to buy one of these, we'll agree the price. The price includes all taxes, GST and any other costs relating to the vehicle
  • We can help you with vehicle finance if you need it
  • You'll pay a deposit to secure the vehicle. At this point you are committing to buy the vehicle
  • It will take between two and three weeks for your vehicle to be ready 
  • Your vehicle will be handed over to you on an agreed date - on Jersey plates, with a two year warranty (at least) and with all taxes and duties paid - to the same high standard as the vehicles you'll see in our showroom
  • You drive away happy with a great value vehicle which suits you, your lifestyle and your budget

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To arrange a test-drive on this vehicle, call us on 01534 281281 or email

Unfortunately, due to our strict COVID-19 preparations, we are not able to offer online bookings for test-drives at the moment.

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