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At JEMEC, we'll be the first to tell you that:

a) we are definitely not financial advisors, and

b) it will be cheaper to pay for your vehicle outright rather than paying interest on a finance product.

However, people do choose vehicle finance or funding for many reasons. Firstly, it means you can buy a car which you may not be able to pay for outright and manage the purchase through manageable monthly payments. This is especially useful for families who need several seats, people with space-hungry hobbies, businesses which need a specific vehicle for work, or for anyone wanting a car to use for driving holidays. 

It is also perfect if your money is tied up elsewhere - or if you have a better use for your hard-earned cash.

We can give you an instant quotation and a very quick funding decisions - plus the application process will take no more than an hour of your time. 

At JEMEC, we partner with two local finance companies to ensure that we can offer you the best option for you, your budget and your lifestyle: Close Finance CI and Black Horse Offshore. There are a number of finance product available, which we can explain in more detail in person, including:

  • Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) with Guaranteed Residual Value
  • Traditional Hire Purchase
  • Hire Purchase with a Balloon Payment/Non-Guaranteed Residual Value

The best option for you will depend, among other things, on your budget, the vehicle you choose, how much deposit you have and how long you are planning to own the vehicle for.

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